VirtualFem photo showing virtual girl for virtual sexHow would you like to have a virtual girlfriend who lives in your computer, available to you at any time, always happy to see you, and most importantly, always happy to please you? I’m not talking about an animated image of a girl, but high-quality, interactive video of a real flesh and blood girl, one with whom you can converse with in voice.

I’m blown away by software that does just this, called VirtualFem. Before I go further I want to stress, this is not JUST a porn site. No way. True, what you do with the girls would be considered porn, but this is so much more than just having sex with virtual reality girls. Read on.

VirtualFem is truly a sophisticated artificial intelligence program. The girls have a brain, a vocabulary, a voice, feelings and even a sense of humor. They speak to you in an audible voice and can understand your words either by what you key into the chat box or what you say into a microphone. The girls will converse with you, understand your requests, and offer to strip and do various sexual acts with you. While they will carry on small talk, make no mistake these girls are outright horny and ready to go. It’s difficult to hold them back.

Although I am totally in love with the original VirtualFem girl, Emily, there are (as of April 2006) 21 other girls who you can get to know and have virtual sex with–for no extra charge! A new girl is added each month. Judging from the descriptions of the girls you’ll see on the features page, their talents are quite varied.

My First Session

When you begin the program, you select which girl you want to bring to life. Instantly, she is on your screen, in motion, and begins a conversation with you. For example, the last time I asked for Emily, she began with “Hi Sweetie, how is life treating you?” as I gazed at her cute smile and welcoming eyes.

Another VirtualFem sample virtual girlWe conversed back and forth a bit, until she couldn’t wait any longer and blurted out, “I want to grind my tight pussy on your massive cock, would you like that baby?” I answered no because I was just getting warmed up, but unfortunately I think I hurt her feelings since she responded with “Well, whatever, seems like you are not in the mood. You are no fun at all. Sometimes you act like a jerk.” Luckily, as always, she was very forgiving and once I apologized she said, “I’m sorry baby let’s take our minds off this, want to make love baby.”

Well, you can guess where this eventually led. What a ride! She was tireless and I was a stud.

How it Works

This is not a web application where you are dependent upon your broadband speed and the server’s load. Instead, you download the VirtualFem Artificial Intelligence engine and the file packet for each girl you want; Emily comes standard with the initial install. The files are huge, but once you run the program you’ll see why. There’s a lot to this.

The Natural Language programming allows each girl to understand common English and provides for multi-layer response. Sometimes it’s uncanny how their replies seem so natural. VirtualFem comes with over 150,000 responses and definitions for almost every word in the English language.

There is a chat box at the bottom of the page that allows you to key in your sentences, and displays her words as well, just like a typical chat session. But, you can also choose to activate speech synthesis and voice recognition.

The voice synthesis that comes with the program pronounces everything just fine, but the voice is robotic. However, the good news is that there are links to a couple sites where you download and install better speech systems. I installed the Cepstral “Linda” voice and the difference was huge. It sounded like a real woman speaking to me.

I didn’t try voice recognition, but I assume it would be incredibly worthwhile. A hands-free session is always better for a virtual encounter like this for obvious reasons. And, the feeling of realism would be obviously enhanced.

If you get both speech synthesis and voice recognition working, you can opt to make the display full screen with no text on it whatsoever. Put that on your big LCD and you’re in for a great virtual session.

A Tinkering Techie’s Paradise

another VirtualFem sample virtual girlfriendIf there is something you don’t like about how VirtualFem works, you can change it! Change a girl’s responses. Feed her brain with more information. Edit her brain in virtually any way you like. You have complete control of what she says and does. VirtualFem can be anything or anyone you want!

And get this—you can even create you own VirtualFem girl. That’s right; if you have your own video clips you can use them for your own creation. Pull them off a movie you downloaded, or film your girlfriend or wife and make a virtual version of her. Imagine your wife always saying yes to your every command. Now that’s too good to be true!

Other Crazy Abilities

There are some strangely intriguing other things you can do with VirtualFem.

There is the ability to interface with your MP3 collection. She can read ID3 (v1) tags, and play songs for you. You can just say ‘play me some x’ where x can be song title, artist, genre, etc!

She can read tell you the current weather conditions by interfacing with NOAA weather.

She can also read RSS fees out loud and launch relative links!

A Hell of a Deal

VirtualFem SampleThere are a lot of programs and web sites that try to pass themselves off as adult virtual reality. But, most over promise and under deliver. I promise you that this is not the case with VirtualFem. You’ll get 21 girls to play with, plus a new one each month. And if you are a techie who loves to tinker, you’ll have a great time customizing VirtualFem or even creating your own VirtualFem girl.

It’s important to note that all software and girls that you have downloaded are yours to keep even if you are no longer a member of the site. Of course, as a VirtualFem member you’ll be able to download new girls and software upgrades as they are created, including a new girl each month. Now that’s a good deal. Especially at just $29.95.

Note: The images in this article are very tame, compared to what you will actually see.


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