Where are the male sex dolls? Vice Video’s sexpert found one to her liking.

Vice sinthetics male doll
Don’t women deserve a male doll for their own pleasure? Vice's sexpert Karley Sciortino visits with the the superb male dolls at Sinthetics.

Media coverage of sex robots is increasing at a fever pitch recently, with story upon story in mainstream publications discussing the advent of sexy silicone dolls that are designed as companions and sex toys for men. The dolls are gorgeous, realistic and the vast majority are female. Even in mainstream publications, you can see photo spreads and videos of sexy female dolls.

The articles are not all positive, however, or even neutral. In fact, there are a growing number of voices of that fear that this emphasis on sexy female dolls that men can have their way with will lead to further objectification–and worse–of women.

But there are male dolls too, you might say. And you’d be right, there are. But to date, the focus has been overwhelmingly on female dolls for male customers.

Where are the male dolls?

Lately, however, some have been asking, what about women? Don’t they deserve a male doll for their own pleasure? One such story this week, Where Is My Male Sex Robot?, appeared in Geek.com, and it asks the obvious question, “So why should straight men get to have all the fun?”

Quartz, in their piece, The most overlooked market for sex robots is women, also chimed in: “Evidence in other areas of the adult industry suggests that quite a large number of women may be just as interested in exploring these technologies as their male counterparts.” Their thesis of the dearth of male dolls is that the history of technology demonstrates that technological products are “largely products made by men, for men.”

There is hope though. Companies like RealDoll https://secure.realdoll.com/select-male-realdoll2/ and Sinthetics http://sinthetics.com/gallery/male-galleries/ are already creating very high-end male sex dolls, and with business being business, we are certain they and others will fill the demand that is sure to be coming from women as the dolls increase in functionality and quality (women are pickier than men, quite honestly).

Sexpert meets the Sinthetics male sex dolls…

VICE’s resident sexpert, Karley Sciortino, in the premiere of her Slutever series https://video.vice.com/en_us/show/slutever which debuted last year, made a visit to Sinthetics in Los Angeles. Co-owners Matt Krivicke and Bronwen Keller give Karley a tour of their custom-made life-like male sex dolls. As you can see in the accompanying video, she seems quite impressed, and often a bit flustered, at how lifelike the dolls and especially the penises are.

And just how are the male dolls doing at Sinthetics? Bronwen told Karley, “Only now are we starting to get just a little bit of an inkling that women really do want male dolls. Reddit got a hold of us, and when Reddit saw the male doll they totally killed our website, for multiple days because we got so many hits. As of the last couple of months, maybe three or four months, sales for male dolls have been equal to female dolls. “

…And takes Gabriel out for a ride

Being the unselfish investigative journalist she is, Karley wanted to test out a male doll for herself. Upon meeting her doll, Gabriel, standing there naked as she felt his skin, she commented, “Oh my God. So crazy. It looks like, it just feels like, so weird. It’s so life-like that it enters this space that feels uncomfortable. Because it feels like a person, it feels like a real person who can respond to you. “

Looking down, she put Gabriel’s still flaccid, rather large penis in her hand and said, “I would not be able to tell if this is a real dick or not.”

After presumably swapping out Gabriel’s soft member with the erect version, the video shows her riding him, obviously enjoying the sensation. She murmurs, “It feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person, except that I am completely in control.”

Her conclusion, as she’s seen laying with Gabriel after her lovemaking session: “Left to my own devices, I could be with a man doll, touching his chest, like having sex with him and being lost in my own fantasy. You’re really touching and experiencing first hand. That feels like a real thing for me. You cannot have this kind of experience by sleeping with a real person. It’s its own, singular unique thing, and now I’ve done it. And not many people can say they’ve done that.”

No, Karley Sinthetics, probably not many have. But we bet that will change especially as more women see videos like this one excellent on you have produced.

Realdoll sex robot

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  • I was interested in this video and trying very hard to watch it but the narrator’s vocal affectation, known as Vocal Fry, put me off so much I watched the majority of it without sound. Why, oh why, do young women(mostly young women) insist on doing this? Jeeeezzzuuusss it is annoying.
    Thanks for letting me vent. Otherwise I think it was probably a good, informative and enjoyable video.