Haptics is the technological advancement that integrates users sense of touch into entertainment. For example, you know when you’re playing XBOX 360 and you feel a vibration through your controller? That’s haptics. But now, companies are advancing this technology into the adult industry as well. RealTouch is a company that is making virtual sex closer to reality. Their product, designed by a former NASA engineer, incorporates a device for men that follows along with whatever naughty video you choose from their long list.

How does it work? The unit has a soft skin-like interior and massages your penis while the orifice lightly squeezes for perfect tightness. Lubrication is released to create a natural level of wetness while heating elements gradually warm the inside to body temperature. All this happens while you watch a video from Real Touch’s online video theater and the unit synchronizes its movements to reproduce exactly what you see on the screen.

There are several pricing plans. Once you buy the unit you can never pay again, and just your it with your imagination. Or you can pay to watch their synchronized virtual sex movies. They offer unlimited viewing, scene rentals, and a pay per minute plan. The pay 49 cents per minute has to be our favorite plan, since it means it’s only 98 cents a pop. What can we say?

Just one step closer to a sex robot.

Check it out: RealTouch

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