The subject of sex robots has now made the mainstream media, books have been written, and even a movie has been made with a Real Doll as the star. And now, it’s even become a subject for proselytizing Christian websites.

But they’re not seeing the sex robot in quite the same light as the rest of the anxious world. One such website, Evidence For God (, went public this month with their view.

It’s not just that it’s perverse to fool around with naughty little androids — christian blogger Rich Deem has a bit stronger opinion than that. His conclusion is that the sex robot spells nothing less than the impending doom of the human species. Hence, he titled his article, “Why Sex With Robots is Always Wrong: The Impending Demise of the Human Species.

That’s right. It’s the end of the human race. We’re finished!

Why does the author think this? Don’t look to his unfocused and incoherent article, you won’t find an answer there.

His article is mostly a story. An account of the future, looking back at it from a time further in the future. It’s a tale of the rise of sex robots, and the correlated decline of morality and decency. He devotes most of his words to hot and getting hotter androids, and it’s filled with intricate details he’s conjured up. It’s sort of like a screenplay for a B science fiction movie. But, once you’ve finished reading it, Deem says that says the story is actually not about sex robots, it’s about virtual sex and its detrimental effects on people and society.

We have to ask, why then didn’t he just write a damn essay detailing his problems with pornography and virtual sex? We would not have had to read this laughable story. Our gut feel is that he’s an aspiring writer, and he wanted to get his feet wet. You know what though, as bad as he is, a career in writing could work out for him, as it seems any work of fiction written by a Christian sells to millions of other Christians. Kind of like Christian rock music. But, we digress…

You can read his whole article, but let’s start out by summarizing his story.

Why Sex With Robots is Always Wrong (condensed version)

Deem begins by telling the story of “Brian,” who bought his first sex robot (the author calls them FACA’s – female anatomically correct android) in the 2020’s. Brian is the supposedly typical young man — while in college he and his frat brothers often rented sex robots for a weekends of debauchery. Since they cost millions of dollars to purchase, the poor students had to rent them. Kind of like a cross between renting a tux and hiring an outcall stripper.

Like other young men, Brian liked his cars, and after college he would have liked to have bought a new one every few years. But there was a problem. With sex robots down to the price of only $80,000 he found he had to hold on to each car for ten years now, so he could support his FACA habit and buy a new sex robot from time to time.

The robots soon became much more sophisticated, and Brian….wait, what happened to Brian? Deem introduced him in the story’s first paragraph and dropped him by the second paragraph. We’ll just assume he’s off somewhere, very happy with his new sex robot.

Anyway, we were saying, the robots became way more sophisticated into the 2030’s, and the author has lots of details of nanotube computers, pulley systems, carbon composites, and the like. Sounds like he’s really thought about this in quite some vivid detail. Hmmm. We won’t bore you with all his details, so let’s just say technology allowed the robots to evolve into some pretty smokin’ hot sex machines.

With the boom in sales of these android hotties, the demand for engineers and programmers became so fierce that the android manufacturers were offering salaries ten times the wages of similar jobs at the automakers. It appears sex robots will not only destroy your mind and morals, but the entire auto industry as well. (We assume no more bailouts for automakers by then.)

As prices for the mechanical pleasure babes dropped, more men of average salaries were able to afford one. And it was simply just too good to be true. Not only were they fulfilling the wildest fantasies of their owners, but these gals could also cook gourmet meals, clean the house and do other household chores.

There is a God.

But all this became a sad time for women, you know, the real ones that didn’t put enough spice in their husbands’ lives. Unable to compete with a sex robot, they themselves turned to the newly popular male sex robot. (We don’t know if they simply screwed all night, or if cleaned the kitchen too.) Other women, who could not or would not resort to robotic companionship, turned gay and found female lovers.

Where was the church on all this? Inconsistent, because there is no commandment against having sex with a robot, and as an added bonus abortions and out-of-wedlock births were down. On top of this, male lawmakers in congress would not pass legislation to outlaw the interns, er, androids.

Emboldened by their court victories, sex robot manufacturers began making child versions, female and male (is that why the Catholic Church did not object so strongly?), and even animal versions (a hit in Pakistan, we imagine).

And now we come to the dramatic end of this riveting story. Sit down for this finale: Men became callous, cursed at their androids, and the “sexual revolution was complete and we were all the victims.”

Huh? That’s it? What happened to the destruction of the human race? (Details, details, details…) The story merely ends with men yelling at their partners and women getting gay lovers. This is new?

Where is the demise? Did everyone go android or go gay, and so no more children are born, thus bringing on the end of humans? Or does he mean it in a less literal sense, that the human species as we know it suffered a demise in a spiritual/moral way? If the latter, we’re sorry to tell him this, but the human species has seen immorality since the first caveman beat his wife with a stick and then humped the woman around the next rock. Sex robots are not going to make this any different. It’s just another way to be “human,” as perverse as that is, or isn’t.

We could nitpick on a dozen like things like the absurdity of thinking a company would rent a several million dollar sophisticated robot for the weekend to a bunch of rowdy, drunk and horny frat boys. Is the author out of his mind? But, let’s keep on the big picture, as tempting as it is to pick apart this article.

The Big Picture

Mr. Deem is missing the big, BIG picture. As a molecular biologist, he is likely familiar with the research of the brilliant Ray Kurzweil, who says that robotics, genomics and biology will converge in a few decades into the “Singularity” and the distinction between man and machine will end. Will it be humans becoming more and more cyborg-like with their improved body parts and brains? Or will it be robots who become more human-like with advanced artificial intelligence and biological traits?

It will be both. And it will happen. Therefore you will not be able make laws or judgments distinguishing between humans and robots, as they will become one and the same. We will all be super-humans, super-robots, or whatever you wish to call it.

The “perversity” Deem envisions will be far beyond sex with robots, or virtual sex as we know it now or envision it for the future. In fact, if you really want to extrapolate the exponential acceleration of technological advances fifty years into the future, we doubt that man will still attempt to fulfill his desires of the flesh. It will all be in our wondrously evolved heads, and we hope there will be no legislation or Christian moral judgement on what we can imagine into our own virtual reality.

So, Mr. Deem, let us at least enjoy our crude mechanical, virtual and silicone forerunners to sex robots now. And then we’ll be on to enjoy the sex robots for the few decades they will be with us in the near future, until the enjoyment of physical sex is just a distant memory in our data banks of our superhuman minds.

Oh, and what about the story’s main character Brian? He is still missing, probably happier than hell driving his hot sex robot around in his old car.

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