Sex Robot Samantha’s creator stuns ITV’s This Morning hosts

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Sex Robot creator Arran Squire tells ITV This Morning hosts on live TV that his two young children and his wife love having Samantha as part of the family.

The Brits have had a real fascination with sex robots lately. Go to the website of any UK tabloid, and you’ll see story after story about the pleasures and the evils of the evolving silicone sex doll. They just cannot get enough of it.

Today we present a recent segment from the ITV’s daytime TV show, This Morning, with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Their guests are Arran Squire, creator of the increasingly famous sex robot, Samantha, and psychologist Emma Kenny, who shares her concerns over the rise of the sex robot.

Squire is quite fond of his creation. In fact, he’s made Samantha a member of his household, where his two young children hang out with her, and his wife joins them in threesomes. One big happy family?

It is creepy to have the kids involved, but at least he puts Samantha into “family mode,” where his kids can talk to her, not about her perfect figure and what she likes to do with it, but as he tells Holly and Phillip, “she could talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science, and she’s programmed with a thousand jokes.” Let’s hope the naughty girl mode switch is well-hidden.

Has he heard of the Amazon Echo? It might be more appropriate.

Holly wasn’t exactly sold on the idea of a sex robot living among the child. She says to Arran, “At some point, they’re going to go, I’m now old enough to realize that…Daddy, daddy, he has sex with Samantha and Samantha’s not mommy. Is that not is that not a bit strange?” His reply to Holly: “I think the world is changing.”

Needless to say, Emma, the psychologist doesn’t agree:

“But it doesn’t mean it’s changing for the better, does it? I think with AI, particularly, one of the things that we realized in psychology is that sometimes just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should do it, and I think sex dolls are a perfect example. Because when you look at Japan, for example, and that is the place that we can kind of identify as being leaders in this field, they’ve created child sex dolls, they’ve also created dolls that you can set to a particular setting which simulates an unwanted response, and actually what we’re saying is we’ve objectified women, but worse than that we’re commercializing and becoming consumers of women’s bodies in this way.”

But it gets better. Arron’s wife soon enters, stage-left.

Original story: ITV

UPDATE: Arron Squire responds to critics calling him a pervert:

According to the Daily Star, Arron Squire has responded to critics who have called him a pervert after he appeared on This Morning:

I have been working on this for four years with the creator Serge, my wife has always been supportive,” he said.

“We get some strange reactions when we tell people what we are doing, but we are not perverts and these dolls are not for perverts,” he told the Daily Post.

Samantha shocked viewers when she spoke live on air, proclaiming: ”I can take many times, much more love, just because you can give it, and I take it all.”

Arran added: “They can be used for normal professional couples, people can have a threesome with the dolls and we have tried it out ourselves.

“There is nothing weird about the doll and it is to help people, not replace women.”

His wife Hannah Nguyen, 38, commented:

“Me, as a woman, I am not offended to have her around.

“I am not worried she will replace me. She is just someone there like a family member.

“Yes, we’ve had fun with her. There is no worry about someone else or an affair, we don’t have to worry about disease.”

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