Sex doll brothels “a depository for STDs”

sex doll brothels
Is it possible that sex dolls in brothels might carry more sexually transmitted infections than their human counterparts?

Is it possible that sex dolls in brothels might carry more sexually transmitted infections than their human counterparts? It’s counterintuitive, but the answer could be yes.

In legal brothels, or simply brothels that have their own high standards, sex workers are tested for diseases periodically, usually every week. But sex dolls and sex robots, given that they are not living creatures, obviously do not have their blood and urine tested. And since they are not alive, you can’t get an STI/STD, right?


You certainly can get an STD, and other infections, from the shared use of a sex doll. While you won’t be infected via the traditional route of exchanging bodily fluids, you can still pick up something that wasn’t cleaned off the porous material of the doll’s skin.

The TV show, The Doctors, has touched on this subject twice this year. The earlier episode is shown at the top of this page, and later in this article, you’ll find the next episode. In the first video, they initially have some fun with the topic, and then get into the health aspects. Here’s the relevant part of the segment:

Dr. Travis Stork: I feel like if you’re a man, and you go in, even if you catch an STD from a sex doll, that’s on you. That’s, you know, you’re not damaging anyone else in the process.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: They still want you to wear a condom with the sex dolls.

Dr. Travis Stork: But you don’t really think the guy’s going in are wearing a condom? I doubt it. And you have to remember to, we forget when it comes to things like sexually transmitted diseases there are bacterial STDs there are viral STDs. Also, if you’re a man and you’re laying up all over this doll, risks of MRSA… I mean, it’s almost virtually impossible, short of taking this doll and dipping it in a vat of disinfectant after every use, that you could properly disinfect these dolls.

Dr. Nita Landry: If you want a sex doll buy your own. Don’t go to the brothel.

Essentially a depository for STDs.

Here’s the discussion they had on sex dolls and STD’s in the second episode, shown above:

Dr. Travis Stork: They encourage you to wear condoms. But the dolls are disinfected with special soap after each use. [snip] Let’s get into the hygiene. I could never in a million years imagine rolling in here. I mean this is essentially a depository for STDs.

Dr. Nita Landry: So the thing about it is they say that these dolls, they feel human and their movements the joints are human-like, but at the end of the day it’s still a sex toy, and if you have a sex toy at home and you’re using it with one partner and you’re cleaning it then that’s safe. However, even though they’re using condoms and they’re saying they’re using the special antibacterial soap, I mean, you cannot clean all the crevices of this woman doll from client to client, and sexually transmitted infections will hitch a ride.

Guest: We don’t know what people are doing to these things.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: They say, tell us your fantasies and the people they’re concerned because people are making really peculiar requests. I don’t know who they thought would show up and what kind of requests they thought they would have?

What types of STD’s can you get from sharing a sex doll?

We’re not health professionals, but we did some quick research on just what you can potentially pick up from a doll, or any sex toy for that matter. (Please, do your own due diligence.) It appears you can get just about all the same STD/STI’s from a sex doll as you would from a human.

Everything from chlamydia and HIV to HPV and gonorrhea can be transferred from the porous skin a dirty sex doll. And also the contagious MRSA, not an STD but a type of staph infection, can be transmitted from customer to customer. And if bodily fluids or blood are not properly cleaned off the doll, syphilis and hepatitis C can be transferred as well. The good news is that most STDs can’t survive outside the body for very long. But they can live long enough.

Your chances rest upon the prior customers’ disease profile and the effectiveness of whoever was assigned to clean up the doll between the clients. Were the kinky clients who came before you (pun intended) disease-free? Does the brothel worker doing the cleaning give a damn? Is the right cleaner used?

Don’t think that a condom will protect you from whatever the previous customers left behind. You just don’t know what they might have done to the dolls behind closed doors. Did they get their porn on and ejaculate on the face, the belly, the ass, the feet or other parts of the body you will come in contact with? Did they rub their infections off their sweaty skin onto the doll? Did they use their mouth on parts of the doll you might come in contact with? Did they have an open wound or cut for blood to exit?

In some respects, sex with a prostitute in a reputable or legal brothel is safer than sex with a doll. The prostitutes know what came in contact with what, and unlike dolls, they can get themselves into a shower and clean up what needs to be cleaned.

Our recommendation is to play it safe and purchase your own sex doll.

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