Instant Success: first brothel featuring sex dolls opens in Germany

sex brothel germany
After three years of staffing only real-live sex workers, this German brothel has begun to offer clients sessions with silicone sex dolls for $90 an hour.

Crusaders against prostitution decry brothels for the exploitation and abuse of women, support of sex trafficking, the spread of sexually transmitted disease and promoting poor career choices for women. While this can be the case with street prostitution, it’s a much better situation for the women in legal brothels.

But what if the advent of sex dolls could alleviate these concerns, by replacing the sex workers in brothels with silicone sex dolls? None of these dolls have to be coerced to enter the sex trade, the dolls have no feelings about their work or the attitudes of their customers, there are no diseases spread, and it’s not like any of these dolls are being denied a more interesting career.

And did we mention they are not human? Or even alive, as any species?

Since the definition of prostitution requires a human provider at its core, and there is no definition of prostitution (yet) for non-organic love dolls, entrepreneurs are seeing opportunity in opening brothels that staff dolls rather than human prostitutes.

Japan, as with all things kinky, has led the way with nearly 100 brothels that employ the dolls. Barcelona has one. And now someone in Germany has opened their first.

Vice visited the German fun house in south Dortmund, Germany. Founder and madam, Evelyn Schwarz, 29, after three years of staffing only real-live sex workers, has this year begun to offer clients sessions with silicone sex dolls for $90 an hour ($60 for a half hour if you want a quickie).

Schwarz explains the business to Vice’s Madlen Schäfer:

Schwarz was eager to bring the concept to Germany. “The dolls are ideal employees,” she tells me as we step inside. “They’re always here because they’re never sick, they always look good, and they offer all three holes with no complaints or extra charges.”

But who pays to have sex with a doll? “We get a huge range of people,” she explains. “From 18- to 80-year-olds, from unemployed people to prominent judges.” Schwarz estimates that 30 percent of guests just want to experience what it’s like to have sex with a doll, while 70 percent become regular customers. Some of Schwarz’s clients travel for miles just for the experience—something she puts down to the quality of her dolls.

“These are Next Top Model standard girls,” she boasts. “Most guys would be too intimated [sic] to approach a real woman if she looked this good.”

And how do the customers like having sex with a non-responsive doll, over a warm-bodied real woman? She explains, “Many of our guests see it as an opportunity to freely try out things they’ve seen happen in porn…Their wives or girlfriends have their own needs, while a prostitute in a brothel has limits on what they will and won’t do, sexually, but our dolls do everything they want, in any position they like.”

Good to know that Andrea spends up to 30 minutes cleaning the dolls. When asked the process, she said it’s a top secret trick of the trade. We think it’s simply too distasteful to spell out.

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sex brothel germany

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