Realbotix founder Matt McMullen planned to launch Harmony, the first commercially viable sex robot, in late 2017. He didn’t make the deadline, but he’s now targeting the end of this month as his new release date. And along with Harmony, the company is also unveiling Harmony’s new sister, Solana.

By swapping the head and switching the robot’s personality via an Android app, Harmony becomes Solana.

Where’s the body? These are purchased from McMullen’s other company, RealDoll, where there is a huge selection to choose choose from and customize. While the bodies do not come to life like the Realbotix heads, the company is working on developing new heated bodies complete with sensors and accelerometers that will allow them to move and even respond to touch. Matt said, “‘I’m pretty gung-ho now about getting movement, working on the neck down. I’ve built a torso that moves and gyrates. I’m working on the arms as we speak.”

While McMullen is still refining the pricing, Realbotix modular robotic heads should cost between $8,000 and $10,000 at launch.

Here’s another video of McMullen on the stage at CES, talking to Engadget Editor-in-Chief Christopher Trout.


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