Real Doll SexWith the price of sex dolls at several thousand dollars a pop, we’m sure there are considerably many times more people that are curious about them than there are actual owners. If you don’t have one, you can somewhat satisfy your curiosity by going to the manufacturers’ sites or the various doll galleries (listed in the sidebar). The sellers will provide you with all the technical details, plus some photos, and the galleries will show photos of dolls posed in both clothed and nude pictures.

That’s good, but, we all know what everyone is really wondering about—how do they function sexually? Well, since they really don’t “perform” sex, we’re really interested in how they “receive” sex, and what types of sexual things people actually do with them, and how the dolls handle it. Doll galleries—at least the areas open to the general public—don’t generally show this and neither do the doll companies. So where can you go to see them in action?

Well, as you know, there is a porn site for everything and there happens to be one that shows videos and photos of people having their way with the famous RealDolls. It’s appropriately called Go there for an eyeful of men and women doing their thing with the dolls. Note that the site is not affiliated with Abyss Creations, LLC, the makers of RealDoll.

Go to the site here.

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