Peter Nowak is author of the book Sex, Bombs and Robots: How War, Porn, and Fast Food Shaped Technology As We Know It. While the book, and his interview here with the Australian Broadcasting Company, covers much more than sex robots, he does briefly cover the subject and we think you’ll find it interesting.

He begins the sex robot segment by discussing how he was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas earlier this year, and noticed that at the annually coinciding porn convention, the mainstream media was fully in attendance to see Roxxxy, the “world’s first sex robot.” While what he calls just a “talking sex doll” was quite a disappointment to the press (and to us; she’s not very easy on the eyes), the number of reporters there to witness her unveiling shows a remarkable interest in the subject of sex robots by the media, and by extension, the public.

Another interesting area he touches on is the coming dislocation of prostitutes as sex robots begin take their place. In fact, he says that in Japan and a few others countries, there are already brothels that offer patrons sex with silicone dolls, such as RealDoll dolls, and high quality Japanese sex dolls.

We will be visiting one of these doll brothels in an upcoming article. We’ve got the video and are putting the story together now. Stay tuned.

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