Roughly 50% of women are reported to use vibrators and dildos–and we’re betting a high percentage of the other 50% would be open to trying them if no one was looking. It’s a common and accepted practice, having come a long way from the old days when non-phallic looking vibrators were discreetly advertised in women’s magazines as “facial massagers.” Now, you can hop on Amazon and choose from tens of thousands of sex toys for women.

So why is it so shocking that men would consider having sex with robots? Aren’t they just larger, more sophisticated sex toys?

In the accompanying video, watch the team at The Doctors television show discuss a recent poll which concludes that one in four men would hit the sack with a sex robot. (Why is this number so low, we ask!)

The poll was conducted at, where they found 24% of men would consider having sex with a robot, with 58% saying they would not consider it. Sure, you 58%, sure…

sex robot poll

Surprisingly, only 9% of women said they would consider this, with a whopping 71% said they would not. We find this number hard to believe given the massive use of sex toys among women.

The numbers of both men and women are, in our opinion, very low because many people cannot visualize what a sex robot would be (considering we don’t really have a true sex robot yet, with apologies to Samantha and Harmony). Some may think they would be having sex with a sci-fi movie style, metal robot. And some may be envisioning a sex robot closer to what they see in Westworld, where they are nearly human. We’re going to get something in between, and as time goes on and people see they are neither crude metal, nor a threat to their human counterparts, more will be willing to partake. Or at least experiment.

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