Introducing the Justin Bieber sex doll. Or is that Chace Crawford?

justin bieber doll
If you are one of the millions of Bieber fans who have dreamed of getting naked with the pop idol, we introduce you to the Justin Bieber sex doll.

If you are one of the millions of Justin Bieber fans who have dreamed of getting naked with the pop idol, it’s your lucky day. There’s now a relatively inexpensive silicone sex doll that observers are saying is made in his likeness.

Although named the Sweetie Doll, it’s obviously modeled after Bieber, even though there is no mention of his name on the sales page at AliExpress. We can’t say Justin has pecs as big as this look-a-like doll, and the doll is obviously missing all of the Bieb’s tats, but the head is similar enough for you to fantasize you’re having sex with Justin Bieber.

At just 160cm (5′ 3″) tall, it’s six inches shorter than the real thing. However, Sweetie Doll makes up for it with a with a penis that’s 18cm (8.25 in) in length and 4.8cm (1.9in) in width.

Although the doll is marketed as a “realistic male silicone sex doll with penis for women,” the specs on the sales page say that its sexual functions include “vagina sex, anal sex, oral sex and Penis sex.” Vagina sex? Typo? Or has this Justin doll had an operation?

But wait, is it Justin Bieber or is it Chace Crawford?

We asked a woman here at the office if she thought it looked like Justin Bieber. No way, she said, it looks like actor Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame. We think she’s right! You be the judge.

chace crawford sex doll

Either way, Justin Bieber or Chace Crawford, it’s good to see love dolls being made for women (although we’re sure some men will be hopping on the Sweetie Doll).

The price is $1,024.80 US. If you’re shy and just want to kiss on Justin, you can buy just the head for $305.

justin bieber doll

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