Japanese man finds love with sex doll

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Japanese men are moving beyond using love dolls as life-size sex toys. Nakajima, 62, from Nagano, Japan, has created a life with his doll he’s named Saori.

Japan seems to be leading the way in being socially accepting of men having emotional relationships with love dolls. Perhaps it’s the steep decline in marriage in the country over recent years, or the lack of time for real relationships in this stressed, work-obsessed nation, or maybe it’s simply just not a big leap for the rather kinky tastes of Japanese society.

Whatever the reason, Japanese men are moving beyond using love dolls as life-size sex toys. They are actually making emotional connections with them, and making them a big part of their lives.

NBC Left Field created this mini-documentary about a Japanese man and his relationship with his doll. Nakajima, a 62 year-old from Nagano, Japan, has created a life with his doll he’s named Saori.

Nakajima was once married, but since then has struck out in the romance department, as one relationship after another failed. Then, about seven years ago, he purchased Saori.

According to the Daily Mail, the gentlemen at first used his doll as most customers do–for sexual purposes. He would imagine her as his first girlfriend, placing her in fantasy scenarios. But then Saori grew on him, and he developed feelings for her, ultimately falling in love with the doll.

“It’s hard to describe what it’s like to love a love doll. Objectively, it just looks like someone loving an object, but when you live together, you get emotionally attached, and that might be difficult for a regular person to understand.

“People told me that these girls stay home, and give pleasure, but I didn’t choose to do that. Instead, I chose to go on dates.”

Nakajima loves to take her out to dinner, fishing, surfing, and for a stroll in the park. It can be difficult to move the life-size doll, so he transports her in a wheelchair. But just like with humans, he enjoys some of the most simple pleasures at home:

“There are quite a few things I can do with these girls, that I could not do with my wife. I’m the type who like to cuddle while sleeping, but my wife couldn’t fall asleep if I cuddled.”

Just how important is Saori to him?

“They give meaning to my life. I live for them. I wouldn’t keep living for my daughter or wife. They don’t need me as much.”

But, we don’t think Nakajima is going to be too happy as technology one day makes the dolls more independent, more mobile:

“I’ve struggled with the thought of what it would be like if they were human. It’s difficult to imagine the places they would go against my will. Then I thought I should accept the thought that it’s probably best how it is now.”

Uh oh. Control freak.

And don’t tell Saori, but he’s got other love dolls in his apartment.

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