Is having sex with a robot cheating?

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A new study has revealed that 40 per cent of Britons don't see having sex with a robot as cheating, but many are horrified.

The UK streaming service, Now TV, has commissioned a survey to find out if Brits think that having sex with a robot is cheating. The results, as reported in The Daily Mail:

A shocking new study has revealed that 40 percent of Britons don’t see sex with a robot as cheating.

Despite this, one in three Britons said they would be ‘horrified’ if one of their friends started a relationship with a robot, with 16 percent saying they would try to convince them to abandon it.

What we find more interesting in the survey is that 79% of respondents thought it would be ethically wrong to harm a robot. To us, that’s a shocking statistic–one that shows us how far along we all believe robots have come. If we won’t harm them, we have to be assigning a human-like value to them, and so before long, we’ll begin applying our ethical, moral and legal standards to them, as if they were human.

But back to the subject of cheating. The boys from, a syndicated show on radio in the U.S., heard about the survey and held a discussion of the topic last week. Take a listen by playing the video at the top of this article.

In the end, they seemed to all agree that it’s not really cheating if you had sex with a robot or doll. But you could tell that they became more unsure the more they envisioned how real future sex robots will be.

We did find it interesting when one of the men wondered aloud how he would feel if his girlfriend had an “anatomically correct” male doll in her closet:

…if you were with a woman and you found out that she liked to use toys on herself sometimes when you weren’t around or whatever–yeah, I don’t think that would be nearly as off-putting as finding out she had an anatomically correct man doll yeah from Boston Dynamics named Robert.

When the male sex dolls start taking care of the wives and girlfriends, opinions will most definitely change. Double standards don’t die easily.

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