Dump your sex dollJust as men get tired of their real women (yes, and vice versa we know), they also can get tired of their silicone girlfriends. But what to do when you are done with them? It’s not like you can just send them out the door. What to do?

A man in Izo, Japan found out the hard way that it’s not really a great idea to dump her in a public area. The 60 year old, on the verge of moving in with one of his children, needed to rid himself of the love doll he acquired when his wife died. He says he did not have the heart to slice her up and put her in the trash dumpster. So, he wrapped her up in a sleeping bag and proceeded to dump her in a wooded area. This became a problem when someone stumbled upon the “corpse” and contacted the police, who vowed to pursue what they thought was a prankster until caught. Frightened, he turned himself in and now faces fines for violating Japan’s Waste Management Law, not to mention public embarassment.

Source: PinkTentacle.com

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