The Geminoid F is a new robot by the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory, Japanese robot maker Kokoro, and Hiroshi Ishiguro designed to duplicate the facial expressions and speech of its operator; but while it may be a work of art, and is helping to move the ball forward in the field of humanoid robots, there are several flaws in its overall purpose.

First off, the company says it hopes to replace receptionists with this robot, but the robot still requires an operator, which will double the space and equipment required to do the job of one individual.

Second is its price point. The Geminoid F sells for around $100,000 which is around 3-4 times what it would cost you for a receptionist for a full year. And according to Moore’s Law, you would not have made your money back by the time the next Geminoid model was introduced.

While the Geminoid F is cool, technically, but let’s just call it research–there’s no commercial value there.

And did we mention she doesn’t even have sex?

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