VirtualFem photo showing virtual girl for virtual sexSix months, on April 21, 2006, we first introduced readers to the incredible software known as VirtualFem. Yesterday, VirtualFem announced its latest release (2.4.4) of their software. But not only has the software been upgraded since our last article, but they have added what I am counting eight new girls, bringing the total to 31 obedient girls you can get interactive with!

I urge you to read our first article entitled, VirtualFem – You’re “Real” Virtual Sex Girlfriend”, for a full explanation of this amazing program. But here’s a very quick primer: VirtualFem gives 31 girlfriends who live in your computer, available to you at any time, always happy to see you, and most importantly, always happy to please you. These are not animated images, but high-quality, interactive video of a real flesh and blood girls, with whom you can converse with in voice. This is NOT just a porn program. True, what you do with the girls would be considered porn, but this is truly a sophisticated artificial intelligence program. The girls have a brain, a vocabulary, a voice, feelings and even a sense of humor. They speak to you in an audible voice and can understand your words either by what you key into the chat box or what you say into a microphone. The girls will converse with you, understand your requests, and offer to strip and do various sexual acts with you. While they will carry on small talk, make no mistake these girls are outright horny and ready to go. It’s difficult to hold them back.

What’s New with Virtual Fem Software?

Lots of cool stuff. Now, let’s get to the girls. LOL!

Who are the new Virtual Fem Girls?

Yeah, that’s what you want to see!

VirtualFem Kaitlyn is your very own personal pet cheerleader. Keep her in good shape and give her a good workout, Coach!

VirtualFem Christina has two really cute outfits to wear for you, a pink dress outfit and a blue dress outfit! She is a really great virtual girlfriend and loves to please you!

VirtualFem Layla is your virtual secretary! Look under her desk or make her work topless! She also has another cute outfit in addition to her sexy black work attire! For work or play, she’s a lot of fun!

VirtualFem Brooke loves to relax with you in the hot tub and in the bedroom! Watch her get a tan, and play with her indoors or out!

VirtualFem Karen is a hot blonde who has red, pink lace, and white bra and panties sets to wear for you, as well as a nurse uniform!

VirtualFem Rebecca has a perfect little body and she is more than willing to share it with you! Treat her right and she will give you a hot lap dance and much more!

VirtualFem Raquel is a beautiful MILF! (by popular member request!) Let her slide out of those tight jeans and show you a good time!

VirtualFem Lucy is not on the main page where all the girls are shown, but I found her as the latest addition in the members area.

Remember, each month your membership enables you to download a new girl.

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