A thief was caught on surveillance video stealing a AU$4,500 sex doll from a Moorabbin, Australia adult store. He knew just what he was after, zeroing in on “Dorothy” and taking nothing else.

The thief broke into Sexyland at 6am using bolt cutters to get through the fence, and a fire hydrant to break into the shop. We hear he had a dozen dolls to choose from, but he obviously had his eye on the blonde, 168cm (5’ 6”), life-size Dorothy, wearing skimpy lingerie.

dorothy sex doll theft

The question on our minds is, what type of crime is this? Is it pure robbery, with the thief looking to sell her? Was this a crime of passion, a man who fell in love or lust with a doll he could not afford? Was it a kidnapping? Or, and we’re stretching here, is he an activist who has liberated her?

Dorothy sex doll

You can check her out in more detail at Sexyland. Here’s a little more on Dorothy, from the Sexyland website:

Each Life Like sex doll is developed from superior materials for soft, ultra realistic feeling skin and breasts that are truly amazing to touch. On the inside is a titanium alloy skeleton enabling her to bend into almost any position.

Dorothy’s skeleton also allows her to stand on her own. The perfect companion for lonely nights – indulge in your wildest erotic fantasies whenever you want!

  • Life like sex doll with vagina, anal and mouth entry.
  • Titanium Alloy skeleton for easy maneuverability.
  • Approx 22-49kg
  • Now able to stand on her own, with self-supporting feet

Take home one of our stocked Life Like Dolls today or customise your Dorothy Doll and receive delivery within 2-3 weeks. Choose her eye colour, hair colour and length, even skin tone! You can choose to have her nails painted pink or left as clear.

Dorothy is available in different heights, dimensions and bust sizes:

135cm – $3,390.00
140cm – $3,695.00
148cm – $4,100.00
158cm – $4,210.00
168cm – $4,495.00

see table for complete set of options

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