It was just earlier this week when we published the article, Sex Robots will Destroy the Human Species, says Christian Website, which detailed a Christian site’s contention that the rise of sex robots will effectively stop the reproduction of humans, since men will prefer to have sex with their hot androids. If everyone is boinking sex robots, where do the children come from? (We’re pretty sure that if we can have true sex robots, we’ll certainly have test tube babies, but we digress…)

Little did we know that Futurama had produced an animated short they call Anti-Robot Propoganda that illustrates the point that the site was trying to make, and illustrates it much more clearly — not to mention, hilariously. It stars teenager Billy and his sex robot, Marilyn Monroebot. You see Billy, like every teenage boy, just wants a female to fool around with. And that desire extends beyond his teen years. Watch the entertaining video to see one consequence of dating sex robots, at least in the world of cartoons.

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