Congressman urges regulation of growing sex robot industry

sex robot regulation
Professor John Banzhaf wants congress to look into the possible abuse of women and children by consumers of lifelike sex dolls.

With sex robot technology growing as fast as it is, voices of concern are emerging over the effects this may have on society. In particular, many are concerned about the possible abuse of women and children, as men become desensitized to acts such as rape and pedophilia if they perform these acts on sex dolls.

Professor John Banzhaf, a well-known activist professor of public interest law at George Washington University Law School, wants congress to look into this growing area of concern. In this video, he joins Manila Chan of RT America to discuss the prospect of consumers “trying out” rape or child abuse in a robot brothel, as he puts it.

The College Fix interviewed Banzhaf earlier this week and this is what he has in mind:

“The obvious first step would be to have hearings and do studies to determine just how serious the threat is, whether there are any real benefits to having sexbots programmed to simulate being raped, and then what if any new laws, regulations, etc. might be appropriate”

Banzhaf says that at least we might look at regulations that would warn the buyer of the potential consequences of the sexual interactions, and restrict the sale of humanoid-looking dolls and robots to law-abiding citizens 18 years or older.

He concluded his College Fix interview saying:

“If these sexbots do pose significant risks to women and/or to young children, but no action is taken now it may be too late if we wait until millions are already in the hands of actual or potential rapists, actual or potential child molesters, etc.”

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