Category - Sex Robot Technology

The technology behind sex robots includes artificial intelligence (AI) and other software, robotics and impressive materials and hardware. This category includes articles concerning all these technologies required to create sex robots, sex dolls and love dolls.

The most beautiful love doll head?

Websites are buzzing today about the beautiful DS Doll Robotic Head, the “breakthrough terminator-style head” created by a collaboration of two love doll manufacturers.

Silicon Wives

Touch technology, finally where you want it

Haptics is the technological advancement that integrates users sense of touch into entertainment. For example, you know when you're playing XBOX 360 and you feel a...

Lifelike Robotic Skin Advances

Artificial skin on today’s silicone sex dolls has come a long way, giving the user a smooth and pleasurable feeling. But as sex dolls move closer to sex robots...