Category - Sex Robot Media & Entertainment

Sex robots and their precursors — sex dolls and love dolls — are now showing up in media, gaming and entertainment services. The articles included in this category highlight these appearances.

Family Guy – Chris Makes a Sex Doll

Family Guy's idiotic but affectionate tennager Chris makes his own sex doll, and...well, you need to watch this clip to see just how hilarious it is.

My Her

It won’t be long before computers are fast enough to create convincing forms of AI. In the film Her, Samantha (the name of his OS) has opinions, interests, and even...

Real Doll Sex

RealDoll, the world's most lifelike sex dolls, having hardcore sex in downloadable HD and DVD quality videos and photos! Sex dolls Tasia Teya Simone, Tila Teen and...

7 Smoking Hot Movie Robots

The silver screen has dreamed up some of the most beautiful and sexy robots imaginable. Here are our top 7 picks.

Moriya – A Short Film

Here we have a 16 minute short film, called Moriya, where a beautiful life sized mechanical doll becomes the surprising object of a shy, mechanically inclined, fifteen...