There are rumors spreading through the tabloids that Lady Gaga purchased a sex doll in her likeness for her boyfriend. Though a Japanese company did recently make a lifesize doll in her likeness called Gagadoll, I don’t know if the sex doll for the boyfriend part is true, and personally I don’t care; the real mystery is whether or not YOU can buy a Lady Gaga sex doll.

The short answer is probably; the technology to put Lady Gaga’s face on a sex doll, even without her permission, is very much real, and the manufacturer of Gagadoll, Orient Industries, does produce sex dolls so it’s quite possibly already functional as a sex doll. But it’s only a prototype so you can’t buy the Gagadoll, yet. If Orient Industries doesn’t sell it soon, another manufacturer will. And there are custom sex doll producers that are easy enough to find, where clients can describe how they want the face of their doll to look. With currently available photo conversion software, a 3D mapping of Lady Gaga’s face could be generated from a few photos found online. The doll maker could 3D print the face mold from the 3D mapping and then cast it with silicone. These are not extremely expensive technologies, and they’re not hard to use.

And the dolls are becoming increasingly realistic, with convincing skin textures and limb motion. The Gagadoll even has songs and sound bites that can be heard if the user places an ear to the doll’s chest. Soon such simple sound bites will be replaced with actual AI that can maintain conversations and moan with “pleasure” in Lady Gaga’s voice. And eventually robotics will transform the sex doll industry into the sex robot industry. Gagabot will do your laundry, cook your meals, clean the house, and give you a quickie whenever you want.

More importantly, this process can be performed with any celebrity or individual. Is it an invasion of privacy? What’s the difference between making a sex doll/bot out of your dream girl and just rubbing one out to a picture of her? Besides a few thousand dollars, that is.

There are already sex dolls available that simulate Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, and several more. Did the manufacturers of these look-alike sex dolls go to those women to license their sexuality? No way, because they don’t use their last names on the dolls; they just look like them. At some point a celebrity is going to sue one of these manufacturers on the basis that the unique geometry of their face has been stolen, or in the case of a sexbot their voice has been ripped off. Will they win such a suit? I think it depends on how close a match the doll is, and with modern 3D scanning technologies and audio manipulation software, it’ll likely be a very close match. But due to the rising accessibility of the tech that’s required to make pirated celebrity sexbots, and the huge pent up demand for boning even a fake Scarlett Johansson, the market will persist regardless of any court ruling.

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