It’s Saturday night and you’re out of town to visit your parents. Sadly, you had to leave your new Roxxxy love doll at home. While zoning out at the dinner table, you break into a sweat with a horrific thought. You recall that your roommate, Steve, the horndog that hasn’t been laid in months, was really eyeing Roxxxy when she arrived last week. And, you know he had to have heard the two of you through the paper thin walls every night since you unpacked her. Shit, has he already flipped on her personality and started getting to know her?

When you arrive home the next day, as you look for any tell-tale signs of Steve’s incursion, you remember something about a password. Crap, there’s a password! That’s right, the True Companion people who make Roxxxy had envisioned exactly such an event, and recently added a password that must be entered in order to open up Roxxxy’s persona.

Yes, as sex dolls and eventually sex robots, become more human-like, owners will become more possessive and protective of them. Is the password-controlled chastity belt next? In fact, we ask, why was it not created before? These are after all, sex dolls not personality dolls.

Silicon Wives

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