Bionic – A Short Film of a Sex Robot Exercising her Free Will

Zahia Dehar in BIONIC
Bionic‘s plot synopsis: “Bionic is a futuristic short film where a sex doll (Zahia Dehar) exercises her own free will”. Filmed by Greg Williams.

Yes, we understand that this film was created way back in 2011 and has been published on websites many times. But we were reminded on it today when we saw someone repost it on Youtube this morning. We watched it again, and it’s such a high-quality short film–that’s even more relevant today than it was six years ago–that we thought we would publish it again in 2017.

Zahia Dehar in BIONICBionic is the The story of a sex doll (played by the stunningly beautiful and sexy Zahia Dehar) who decides to exercise her own free will. Perhaps in 2011, this story wouldn’t fly, but with Artificial Intelligence being embedded in everything now, and with the valid concerns of those like Elon Musk who worry that AI could turn against humans one day, Bionic is relevant. More than relevant.

Dehar initially gained her fame when it was alleged that two French footballer stars paid her for sex. The age of consent in France is 15, but prostitution is legal only if the worker is over the age of 18. Dehar used this opportunity to achieve celebrity status and capitalized on her fame with modeling, and became a fashion and lingerie designer.

Greg Williams, whose other incredible work you can see on his site at, has created as good a short film as we’ve seen on the topic of sex robots. Williams uses the Red Mysterium-X camera here, and the quality is absolutely incredible. has the following entry for the film:

The Bionic Short Film has premiered. Greg Williams‘ Bionic (2011) stars Zahia Dehar. Bionic‘s plot synopsis: “Bionic is a futuristic short film where a sex doll (Zahia Dehar) exercises her own free will”. The best part of this short film, besides the obvious, are the under-sexed, pervert scientists in the lab, leering, sneaking peeks at the sex doll and the action in its finale. The sex doll in Bionic could easily be an early version of the Fem-bots from the Austin Powers films.

For those that are wondering, this short film was shot with Red Mysterium-x camera. Nathaniel Rogers over at The Film Experience asked the hilarious question: “Is it wrong to interpret her [the sex doll] vacant eroticism as a satirical commentary on Britney Spears’s airheaded marionette carnality?” Great observation on the duality between a synthetic sexual construct and a PR, manufactured one.

Realdoll sex robot

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