Anatomical Doll“Anatomical Doll” is a company based in Vladivostok, Russia. They create hand crafted high-end dolls, made of platinum-catalyzed silicone imported from the USA. This high-quality material is used in the film industry (special effects), in medical applications (manufacturing of artificial limbs and high-end orthopedic devices), and in robotics (creation of lifelike articulated models).

Their dolls have a steel skeleton with joints made from a heavy-duty polymer used in aircraft construction. The design of the skeleton allows for various natural positions, similar to what a real girl can achieve. The goal of our company “Anatomical Dolls” is to make high-end silicone dolls as realistic and as close to a human body as possible. The artificial skin of our dolls is soft and firm in all the right places, and the breast has silicone gel implants.

This product has not been reviewed, and the information is derived from the company website. Please visit Anatomical Doll for more info.

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