Shocking! Only 9% of Americans would have sex with a robot.

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The results of this poll surprised us to say the least. Maybe we just figured the rest of the world was as enlightened as readers of

I believe most people would say that there is nothing immoral about a woman using a vibrator to sexually stimulate herself. From her perspective, it’s a handy tool to help her achieve orgasm when she’s alone, and looking at it from her male partner’s viewpoint, I doubt most men would consider it cheating on them. Men have their own mechanical and electronic devices they can purchase as well, for similar outcomes. While a higher percentage of women might consider this activity by men as a form of disloyalty, I think very few would rank it up there with cheating.

As technology advances, more sophisticated sexual stimulation devices will come to market. As time goes on, more and more will have robotic functionality. It’s a big leap from devices such as Fleshlights and vibrators to more humanlike robots built for sexual satisfaction, but it’s coming nonetheless. And at what point will people decide that using such machinery is undesirable for themselves or constitutes infidelity for their partners?

Let’s focus in on the endpoint of this evolving niche: the sex robot, which will be here in a decade or two. When it arrives, will people accept their wife, husband or lover having sex with a one? Is it really any more cheating than a man or woman using one of today’s crude stimulators? After all, it is still a mechanical apparatus. Or, does the lifelike appearance of the robotic lover make it feel more akin to cheating with a human being?

And just how willing are people to actually have sex with such a robot? Will it be something people actually will want to do? Or will they feel awkward having sex with a machine, no matter how good it looked?

The folks at Huffington Post and YouGov were interested enough in these questions and others to run a survey of one thousand adults on this very subject. The answers were a bit surprising to us, showing respondents to be more squeamish, prudish and we’ll venture to say, simply uninformed, about robots and sex than we thought they would be.

The results surprised us to say the least. Maybe we just figured the rest of the world was as enlightened as readers of But we were wrong. No, the rest of the world doesn’t seem to like the idea at all. Not one bit.

Would you have sex with a robot?

Shockingly, only 9% of all respondents answered “Yes” to the question: “If it were possible, would you ever have sex with a robot?” We’re truly blown away by the low number. The poll obviously did not have any images with it; I’m certain that if men were asked this question while looking at an image of a completely lifelike “robot” (think RealDoll), the numbers would have surely been significantly higher. They must have been envisioning a metallic robot of today for less than one in ten to answer yes. And likewise, I believe if women were to see a Chris Pine look-alike robot that can go all night, they might have answered the question quite differently.

What isn’t surprising is that the internals of the poll showed about triple the number of men (14% vs 4%) want to give it a go, and that the highest age group of willing sexual adventurers were betwen the ages of 18 and 44, at about 14%. Seniors didn’t want any part of this tomfoolery, with only 2% saying they would do it. But, this age group would have the most trouble understanding the concept of a sex robot.

Would sex with a robot classify as cheating?

Respondents to the poll were also asked about the morality of having sex with robots, with the question, “Would sex with a robot classify as cheating?” Here, the numbers shot up. 42% of people said that yes, having sex with a robot would be cheating. The women were slightly more jealous with 46% answering affirmatively, as opposed to 38% of men.

The higher the age group, the higher the opinion that robot sex equates to cheating. But then morality ranks higher with older generations overall.

But we do see that many are confused about this issue. While 42% said they viewed the activity as infidelity and 31% did not, a whopping 26% were not sure.

Are these respondents simply clueless?

We really have to question the entire poll though. Not that it was done incorrectly, but that it did not really define a sex robot. There would certainly be a big difference in results if the sex robot were clearly defined as hot flesh or cold metal. As the question was asked, the robot was left to the imagination of the respondent.

And here’s a very big problem: only 18% even believe that robots will be able to have sex with humans in 2030. This calls into question the level of intelligence and awareness of techonolgy of those people who answered the poll. We’ve already got silicone love dolls (some with crude robotics built in), we’ve got devices that are pleasing women in a multitude of ways, and we’ve got exponentially accelerating technology in robotics, materials and artificial intelligence. Anyone who doesn’t believe that in a mere generation we’ll have robots capable of having sex with humans does not understand technology — or the human quest for pleasure.

In addition, what’s with the answers to the non-sex questions anyway? Only 58% believe that robots will be able to clean our homes in 2030? Only 33% would even want a robot as a servant, if available? The lack of understanding of what future can and will do for people is astounding.

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