The silver screen has long been ahead of technology when it comes to sex robots. They’ve dreamed up some of the most beautiful and sexy robots imaginable and we thank them for sparking our fantasies. While we wait for the real thing, we’ll at least have the satisfaction of watching these make-believe robots on DVD. Here is our rundown of seven “A-List” sex robots. Head over to Netflix and check each one off your “to do” list.

1. The Fembots from Austin Powers
The fembots drove men crazy after making their appearance in Austin Powers. Sure they may be a bit dangerous, with machine gun breasts, but we think they are well worth the risk.

2. Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) from Weird Science
In Weird Science, after the boys are inspired by Frankenstein, they attach their computer to a Barbie doll, hack a government system, and are struck by lightening, creating one of the most beautiful gifts technology has ever produced: Lisa (played by Kelly LeBrock). With assets besides her beauty, she also can manipulate memories, molecules, and reality. We can only dream about what else this seductive sex robot can do.

Lelly Lebrock Weird Science

3. Cameron (Summer Glau) from The Sarah Connor Chronicles
We don’t mind Cameron’s somewhat bland personality, because she makes up for it with her ass-kicking abilities and her outrageous hard body. Give us an apocalyptic future any day, if that future sends a hottie like this back to protect us.

3. The Stepford Wives
You can’t go wrong with a Stepford Wife. In the original movie, you had Katharine Ross, and in the remake, Nicole Kidman and Faith Hill. We don’t care if the neighbors think they are a bit odd. We think they are oddly hot! Did we mention each has their own remote control?

Nicole Kidman Stepford Wives

4. The Robots from Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine
The 1965 movie Dr. Goldfoot’s factory and the Bikini Machine was ahead of its time, and we wonder if it was the inspiration for today’s Real Doll factory. If it were only that easy.

5. T-X (Kristanna Loken) from Terminator 3
The Terminatrix is a smokin’ hot gynoid assassin. We’re serious about the smokin’ part — she has a flamethrower and everything. We just want to be the ones to get her all fired up, if you know what we mean.

Kristanna Loken T-X

6. Pris (Daryl Hannah) from Bladerunner
Despite Pris’ sometimes creepy attire and makeup, we make an exception because it’s friggin’ Daryl Hannah! Hell, she could be a mermaid and we’d still be turned on…oh wait, she once was.

Daryl Hannah Bladerunner Pris

7. The Woman in the Red Dress (The Matrix)
If you talk about the woman in the “proverbial red dress” in The Matrix, you’re talking about the epitome of virtual sex. This hottie is the dream of a computer programmer solely for his own virtual reality. Does anyone know where we can find that code?

Matrix woman in red dress

Silicon Wives

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