I’ll Take One Sex Doll To Go

Los Angeles-based Vivant Dolls rents six sexy, beautiful sex dolls for your hourly or overnight use. They have delivery or pick-up, in addition to an in-call service.

Watch a Sex Robot Climax

Matt McMullen, Owner and Creator of Realdoll, gives us a peek at how his RealDoll X models sound when they are sexually stimulated and have an orgasm.

Sex Robot Brothels Under Attack Worldwide

Why are law enforcement and city officials around the world hell-bent on shutting so-called sex robot brothels, where customers can go in and pay a reasonable fee to...

A live Q&A with Harmony the Sex Robot

Realbotix, maker of the evolving sex robot, Harmony, held a live Q&A where listeners could ask Harmony any questions they'd like. The answers show a quite sophisticated...

Japanese man finds love with sex doll

Japanese men are moving beyond using love dolls as life-size sex toys. Nakajima, 62, from Nagano, Japan, has created a life with his doll he's named Saori.