Top 10 Funniest Sex Robot Videos

Here are 10 of the best funny videos about sex robots that we could find on Youtube. From blow up dolls to sexy female robots, you'll laugh your ass off.

I’ll Take One Sex Doll To Go

Los Angeles-based Vivant Dolls rents six sexy, beautiful sex dolls for your hourly or overnight use. They have delivery or pick-up, in addition to an in-call service.

Watch a Sex Robot Climax

Matt McMullen, Owner and Creator of Realdoll, gives us a peek at how his RealDoll X models sound when they are sexually stimulated and have an orgasm.

Sex Robot Brothels Under Attack Worldwide

Why are law enforcement and city officials around the world hell-bent on shutting so-called sex robot brothels, where customers can go in and pay a reasonable fee to...

A live Q&A with Harmony the Sex Robot

Realbotix, maker of the evolving sex robot, Harmony, held a live Q&A where listeners could ask Harmony any questions they'd like. The answers show a quite sophisticated...

Japanese man finds love with sex doll

Japanese men are moving beyond using love dolls as life-size sex toys. Nakajima, 62, from Nagano, Japan, has created a life with his doll he's named Saori.