Sex Life with Robots Film

Filmmaker Robert Michael Sullivan has spent seven years creating an animated robot sex film called The Sex Life of Robots. It’s not cartoonish animation as one might expect, but it’s more industrial, metallic, raw. While it took the animation master seven years to complete (Michael does have to work, too) it is just a small part of what will be a larger project film. This short film used to be on until it was pulled down as NSFW. It then went up on, but I’m unable to find it there. But I did find it hosted at Metacafe and have embedded the film here. Enjoy this beautiful film of robots, themselves creating a robot sex film, which all sort of feels like some futuristic industrial process.

You might also be interested in reading (via a jpg file) a short, but interesting article on Michael Sullivan and The Sex Life of Robots, entitled Metal Mucky, by Katherine Knowles at