Sex Dolls pose for Playboy-style eZine, called Cover Doll

We have always thought Real Dolls were hot enough for the cover of a Playboy magazine, and we were always curious why someone hadn’t yet created a similar magazine specifically for sex dolls. Well, as you know, if search the internet hard enough, you can find just about anything.

Cover Doll is an eZine that has been making monthly issues featuring the hottest sex dolls around. Take a look at July’s featured doll, Jessica.

Cover Doll featured Real Doll July 2010 Issue

Jessica lives in Nova Scotia, Canada with Midiman and is the first Wicked RealDoll ever shipped. She is a replica of the porn star, Jessica Drake. In her interview, she said she enjoys champagne, hot tubs, and strip poker.

And hey Cover Doll, we here at Sex Robot expect to be first on the list for the Cover Doll Mansion parties.

Check out more pictures of Jessica here.