Robot Girls

April 3, 2006

This article, Robot Girls, by John Gardiner was originally published in. Many thanks for reprint rights.

Robot Girls photo showing hot sex robotNow that women are a total pain in the butt.

Now that reproductive rights have been stolen from men by dishonourable politicians who sold us out while pretending to protect us in the very institutions that we created to defend ourselves against such malice and wrong doers – institutions that men defended with blood in the past and are defending right now, at this very minute.

Now that men have been enslaved by avaricious bitches who blame any man at random for their own sloppy and irresponsible, slutty and whore-like sexual conduct and mistakes, holding him paternally responsible, in scorn and ridicule while ripping out his soul along with his cash for child support.

Now that men are the brunt of slanderous sexual discrimination for just being men and having a normal healthy sex drive that women can’t accommodate or keep pace with.

It is now the time that men need a new play toy to replace women. A new sex object for men.

Women are redundant as sex objects. They’ve gone ugly. Distasteful. They’ve taken all the fun out of everything in their attempt to drag men down to their own level of biological slavery and abject misery. They’ve raped the sanctity of marriage as a meaningful and beautiful bond of love, respect and decency. Swapping it for money and self delusion.

They’ve even banned jokes and laughter and naughty cute calendar girls. They give you diseases, abuse, violence, pain, hatred and are not at all worthy of spending any time with. They murder and steal your children with the judiciary’s condonation. They force their way into employment, taking your jobs and then they fail to achieve, complaining all the while and blaming others for their lack of success.

They’re hateful, loveless and spiteful. They’re utterly disgraceful things. A blight on the face of humanity.

So men have turned to the Internet. Too complicated for women, it’s become male dominated. After all, we did invent it – and build it – and so it’s only natural that we’d enjoy playing with it. It’s only natural too, that we’d find sexual applications to experiment with in our new medium, being deprived of our normal sexual companions, women, who aren’t worth spitting on these days let alone wasting any other precious bodily fluids in.

All of this explains why international telecommunications networks have been flooded with amazing, bizarre and utterly filthy pornographic web sites displaying women who’ll apparently do absolutely anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for a buck. Shocking! Scandalous! Disgusting! Yet curiously fascinating at the same time!

Where do they find women like that!!? The mind boggles. Do these women live in my suburban neighbourhood? Are they the girl next-door? Are they the girl at the checkout counter with the dull glazed eyes seemingly gifted with an IQ somewhere in the low fifties? Who are these women and how do they enlist them? I can just imagine making such an employment offer to an attractive young girl sitting on a park bench consuming a banana for lunch…

“Er, excuse me Madam. You seem to be enjoying your banana. Would you be interested in becoming a photographic model for a men’s web site and doing assorted sexual things with several men, several women, a football team, some dogs, a donkey, a few rats, some other animals, reptiles and insects as well as a diverse collection of tools and implements, varieties of fruit and vegetables and other food stuffs, individually and in combinations whilst in various states of undress and bondage?”

Can you imagine her response!!? Can you imagine the charges? Can you just imagine? But then again, what would you do if she said “Yes”? Perhaps there’s no harm in actually

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Tygura April 23, 2006 at 10:06 am

Tygurian Real Sexy Dolls:
We are working on the fabrication, lubrication, and you will not have to worry about the exspense of her/him being inebriated, or you being vaccinated. We really liked what you said with respect to play toys.

Want gf July 6, 2006 at 3:52 am

Nice.. but quite harsh. There’s a lot of nice women out there.
I think the problem is that most of them are taken or too many options.
The sex ratio for almost every country in the world is to 105 to 100 women between the age of 0 to 50. That means if 95% of all women anywhere between 15 and 50 currently have a boyfriend, you only stand half a chance when single, while all women have a 100% chance to easily get a boyfriend.
What I’m trying to say is, your plan to replace women probably fails as soon as soon as male:female+fembots hit one-on-one.
Just like most men, most women simply hate being single an will do anything to keep them from that. They just don’t have to right now.
So the day sex robots invade many people’s homes you’ll suddenly find yourself actually being noticed by the ladies and being treated real nice.
At least, that’s how I see things turn out.

Kinda ironic actually when you think the chances are high that someday someone will have wanted a girlfriend all his life, hears about sex robots, is excited of this alternative, orders one and gets a girlfriend before it arrives.

To respond who those women are..
I have knowledge about it whatsoever, but I have the feeling these are women looking for it and doing it for the money mostly. They don’t have to be approached in person like you think. They’re simply women tracing ads and think.. geez I wanna become a model/actress but nobody accepts me :(, it must not be pretty enough. Maybe I’ll go into the porn business and make a quick buck so I can buy all that stuff I need to become an actress/model, like breast surgery, clit surgery and whatever scares the hell out of me women do to make themselves look pretty.

Jeffrey June 9, 2007 at 11:30 pm

How can I get one of the robots girls to have sex with? and what is the Price?


beto April 22, 2008 at 12:42 am

are they for reals. are they warm and do they move what action do they do. How can I get one of the robots girls to have sex with? and what is the Price?

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