My Her

her movie

It won’t be long before computers are fast enough to create convincing forms of AI. In the film Her, Samantha (the name of his OS) has opinions, interests, and even emotions.

Robot Sex coming to Fallout: New Vegas video game

Fallout Las Vegas Robot Sex

Bethesda Software’s soon-to-be-released game, “Fallout: New Vegas” has an extended sequence of robot sex. In fact, while visiting brothels you can choose either a standard human, or for our readers, a more advanced sex robot prostitute.

You gotta have Faith

VirtualFem "Faith" virtual girl 2

We’ve long been big fans of the interactive sex program, VirtualFem. While we wait for a real, live sex robot, we find that the VirtualFem girls fills the void quite nicely with some incredible POV virtual sex. And, rather than sexing it up with animated virtual girls prevalent in virtual sex games with VirtualFem you […]