Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex, or interactive sex, takes many forms from engaging POV programs with real girls, like VirtualFem, to sophisticated interactive animations.

her movie

My Her

January 21, 2014

It won’t be long before computers are fast enough to create convincing forms of AI. In the film Her, Samantha (the name of his OS) has opinions, interests, and even emotions.

Teledildonics are sex toys that interface with computers to create sensations and motions that humans find pleasurable, and FriXion is leading the way

Bethesda Software’s soon-to-be-released game, “Fallout: New Vegas” has an extended sequence of robot sex. In fact, while visiting brothels you can choose either a standard human, or for our readers, a more advanced sex robot prostitute.

It’s not just that it’s perverse to fool around with naughty little androids–christian blogger Rich Deem has a bit stronger opinion than that. His conclusion is that the sex robot spells nothing less than the impending doom of the human species.

VirtualFem "Faith" virtual girl 2

You gotta have Faith

July 15, 2010

We’ve long been big fans of the interactive sex program, VirtualFem. While we wait for a real, live sex robot, we find that the VirtualFem girls fills the void quite nicely with some incredible POV virtual sex. And, rather than sexing it up with animated virtual girls prevalent in virtual sex games with VirtualFem you […]

Haptics is the technological advancement that integrates users sense of touch into entertainment. For example, you know when you’re playing XBOX 360 and you feel a vibration through your controller? That’s haptics. But now, companies are advancing this technology into the adult industry as well. RealTouch is a company that is making virtual sex closer to reality. They’ve incorporated a device for men that follows along with whatever naughty video you choose from their list of hundreds.

Virtual Hottie 2

Virtual Hottie 2!

September 3, 2007

Virtual Hottie 2
The successor to the popular Virtual Hottie 2 is light years ahead of its predecessor. It’s an impress game with more stunning graphic detail and 3d animation. Sorry, Mac users, you’ll need a PC with DirectX to play.

The characters are hot and completely customizable to suit your needs. Additionally, you can dress them as you wish, place them in exotic locations, with realistic surroundings and sounds.

Somasex’s 3DGirlz virtual sex game lets you create your own girls with the interactive designer and watch them have virtual sex in various scenes. You can control the hair color, piercings, eyes, skin, position, toys, threesomes, action and location.

Eight New VirtualFem Girls

December 2, 2006

Yesterday, VirtualFem announced its latest release (2.4.4) of their software. But not only has the software been upgraded since our last article, but they have added what I am counting eight new girls, bringing the total to 31 obedient girls you can get interactive with!

How would you like to have a virtual girlfriend who lives in your computer, available to you at any time, always happy to see you, and most importantly, always happy to please you? I’m not talking about an animated image of a girl, but high-quality, interactive video of a real flesh and blood girl, one with whom you can converse with in voice.