Can you buy a Lady Gaga sex doll?

lady gaga sex doll

There are rumors spreading through the tabloids that Lady Gaga purchased a sex doll in her likeness for her boyfriend. But the real mystery is whether or not YOU can buy a Lady Gaga sex doll.

What’s next? Sex Doll Brothels? Uh, yes.

Peter Nowak Sex Robot book interview

Peter Nowak, author of the book Sex, Bombs and Robots: How War, Porn, and Fast Food Shaped Technology As We Know It, discusses sex robots and the media, and the growing sex doll brothel industry.

How Many Will President Obama Buy?

Blow Up Barack blowup doll

Blow-Up Barack Presidential Love Doll He F—ed the Economy, Now You Can F— Him Back! He’ll Batter Your Bush! Visit His Oval Orifice! He’s Got A Presidential-Sized Power Tool! He’s The Clear Winner in This Year’s Presidential Erection! He’s Got The Biggest Presidential Staff Ever!

Bro, don’t touch my Roxxxy!

Roxxxy password protected

Yes, as sex dolls and eventually sex robots, become more human-like, owners will become more possessive and protective of them. Is the password-controlled chastity belt next? In fact, we ask, why was it not created before? These are after all, sex dolls not personality dolls.