her movie

My Her

It won’t be long before computers are fast enough to create convincing forms of AI. In the film Her, Samantha (the name of his OS) has opinions, interests, and even emotions.

lady gaga sex doll

Can you buy a Lady Gaga sex doll?

There are rumors spreading through the tabloids that Lady Gaga purchased a sex doll in her likeness for her boyfriend. But the real mystery is whether or not YOU can buy a Lady Gaga sex doll.

Fallout Las Vegas Robot Sex

Robot Sex coming to Fallout: New Vegas video game

Bethesda Software’s soon-to-be-released game, “Fallout: New Vegas” has an extended sequence of robot sex. In fact, while visiting brothels you can choose either a standard human, or for our readers, a more advanced sex robot prostitute.

College Party Sex Doll

Inexpensive Sex Dolls

Okay, if you don’t have the cash for the high quality, exclusive dolls, you can still spend as anywhere from twenty bucks to a few thousand on anything from blowup dolls, to silicone dolls, to even just torsos, heads and other various parts of women. Sometimes they are just fun for a gag gift or party novelty.

Peter Nowak Sex Robot book interview

What’s next? Sex Doll Brothels? Uh, yes.

Peter Nowak, author of the book Sex, Bombs and Robots: How War, Porn, and Fast Food Shaped Technology As We Know It, discusses sex robots and the media, and the growing sex doll brothel industry.

Blow Up Barack blowup doll

How Many Will President Obama Buy?

Blow-Up Barack Presidential Love Doll He F—ed the Economy, Now You Can F— Him Back! He’ll Batter Your Bush! Visit His Oval Orifice! He’s Got A Presidential-Sized Power Tool! He’s The Clear Winner in This Year’s Presidential Erection! He’s Got The Biggest Presidential Staff Ever!

Roxxxy Sex Robot/Sex Doll Review


“Sex Robot” Roxxxy will learn your name, likes and dislikes, can carry on a discussion and expresses her love to you and will want to be your loving friend. She can talk to you, listen to you and feel your touch. She interacts just like a human – she hears what you are saying as well as where you are touching her and responds appropriately.

Roxxxy password protected

Bro, don’t touch my Roxxxy!

Yes, as sex dolls and eventually sex robots, become more human-like, owners will become more possessive and protective of them. Is the password-controlled chastity belt next? In fact, we ask, why was it not created before? These are after all, sex dolls not personality dolls.

VirtuaGirl HD Virtual Girl desktop

VirtuaGirl HD

VirtuaGirl HD is the updated version of the VirtuaGirl software first released in 1998. It’s a free desktop application that once installed, allows users to see real-life babes stripping on the toolbar of his PC. There are over a hundred girls to choose from. The girls come and go when you want on your screen and can even remind you of meetings etc. On top of the girls stripping on their screen, members also get hundreds of top quality photos and videos of them on the site.

Real Doll Sex Review

Real Doll Sex

Real Doll, the world’s most lifelike sex dolls, having hardcore sex in downloadable HD and DVD quality videos and photos! Sex dolls Tasia Teya Simone, Tila Teen and Stefanie join living stars Steve Awesome, Abbie Bueller, Violet Monroe, Liz Ashley and more as they get naughty.

Anatomical Doll

Anatomical Doll

“Anatomical Doll” is made in Vladivostok, Russia. They are hand-crafted, high-end dolls, made of platinum-catalyzed silicone. This high-quality material is used in the film industry (special effects), in medical applications (manufacturing of artificial limbs and high-end orthopedic devices), and in robotics (creation of lifelike articulated models).

Boy Toy Dolls Review

Boy Toy Dolls

Boy Toy Dolls is a spinoff of Real Doll. In fact, these sex dolls are hand crafted by the creator of RealDoll, and manufactured in his private studio, these dolls will only be available as limited editions. They currently offer 2 body styles and three BoyToy doll series at this time: Boy Toy Calendar girls, Boy Toy Seasons, and Boy Toy C Series.

Real Doll Review

Real Doll

Real Doll — the company that started it all — has been using Hollywood special effects technology to produce what they say is the most realistic love doll in the world. Their dolls feature completely articulated skeletons which allow for anatomically correct positioning, and an exclusive blend of the best silicone rubbers for an ultra flesh-like feel.

Virtually Jenna Jameson Virtual Sex Game Review

Virtually Jenna

Play with a virtual version of Jenna Jameson and her friends with this advanced 3D adult virtual sex simulation game. You can explore a stunning and unique 3D world filled with incredibly realistic and interactive erotic experiences, as you control all the hot 3D action.